Some of our Games

With over 1 Billion Downloads across our team – we are Game Making Experts – these are some of our latest games all within our Web3 EmberCoin Ecosystem.

Hyper Cards

No.1 card game in over 50 countries and a perfect mix of low hyper casual CPI and great in game stats.

Millions of Downloads on Google Play and Apple App Store

Loved by millions of collectors – have you collected all the cards yet??

Slingshot Crash

A super fun destruction derby slingshot game!

This isn’t your usual car game, this one is all about destruction.

Over 2 Million Downloads on Google Play and Apple App Store

Superhero Race

An evergreen classic with over 20 Million Downloads across the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Simple, addictive mechanics that keep users coming back for more and more. The basis of every great, hit mobile game!