For Mobile Game Studios

The Ember SDK can be added within an hour to any mobile game built with Unity.

Built to be a huge time saver and add extra value to your players and the game studios. Players have extra ownership of assets, game modes and more incentive to keep playing – and game studios reap the rewards of a higher LTV player.

That’s what we call a Win – Win!

Competition and Reward Meta

When desiging any type of experience in mobile games, the most important element is motivation for a player to continue in the game. That motivation then drives retention which then enables additional opportunities to monetise and reward the player.
In our SDK the key motivations we are pushing are:
1. Play to Earn
2. Play and Reward
3. Play and Compete

Innovating The Ad Experience

Mobile Ads have been the same boring ad formats for a long time. Blockchain technology will allow to innovate and challenge the current convention of what a mobile ad is. Within our SDK we plan to push the boundaries:

1. Rewarded Video to Mint an NFT

2. Gatcha mechanics allowing PFP collection, P2E games, brands to hide NFT’s in mobile games.

3. Gamified ads that allow users to create, merge and design new products through in game rewards that can then be minted into an NFT and redeemed for physical goods.

4. Partnerships with NFT marketplaces to integrates listing directly into mobile ad units.

5. Rewarded skins – earn new NFT’s as rewards in game.