EMBR Token

EMBR has huge utility to Players through earning and rewards, Game Studios in governance and advertising revenue plus Brand and Advertisers completing the PlayEmber Token ecosystem by promoting to the players via EMBR spend.

Spark Coin


  • $SPRK is an in-game only utitlity token.
  • An infinite coin.

  • $SPRK is awarded to player when they complete levels or certain game quests.

  • The further you progress in any game – the higher your $SPRK token reward will be.
Playember Coin


  • $EMBR Coin is the over-arching coin in the PlayEmber ecosystem
  • Capped to 1,000,000,000.
  • Deflationary due to upgrading and burning mechanics.
  • Completely interoperable over all games under PlayEmber

PlayEmber Ecosystem

This project is no ‘walled garden’ for one single entity – all members of the PlayEmber ecosystem contribute and also benefit from the being part of it. Players – Game Studios – Brands … all win


Players of our games get way more for their time and effort – owned NFTs – competitions – reward metas for gift cards to name but a few.

Games can be supercharged with our SDK in no time.

Game Studios

Game Studios are always looking for diversified revenue streams. Here we have an SDK and platform that does just that – increases LTV of converted players and keep the users retained for longer.
The Holy Grail of Game Design. 


With a large user base of gamers with an openness to crypto – brands are lining up to advertise in a new cool way. Loot boxes found in game that include branded items / NFTs?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

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