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Making web3 games more rewarding

Tired of just playing and getting nothing back? Not anymore, get rewarded for the time and effort you spend in our games and apps. Use your coins for gift cards, upgrades and lots more…

Making web3 easy for web2 developers

web3 games should be fun-to-play with seamless onboarding and available to billions of players around the world.

Our web3 team are focused on building both addictive web3 games that directly reward players for their contribution and time spent within our ecosystem.

As well as web3 application layer, we are also building the web3 infrastructure to power seamless onboarding and enhanced gameplay and monetization experiences for players and studios.

We are currently in private beta. To learn more, signup below.

Brand & Community Games

Our Experienced Team are Working with Top IP Holders

Our team members have worked with some of the biggest brands out there – Hasbro, NERF and lots more to come.

We’re bringing this experience and game expertise to make waves in the world of Web3.

Communtiy led Brand Games such as Skellies Society gives more utility to members of the Community and increases the Communities’ treasury – win win.