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Hyper Cards

No.1 card game in over 60 countries iOS and Google Play. 1 million downloads within a week. Play the game that is taking over the card charts – Are you ready to play the best card collecting and trading game ever? If you are obsessed with collecting all the cards, then Hyper Cards is the perfect game for you. Rip out the cards from their packs and see which character is hidden in it!

You can trade your cards with others to complete your pack but be careful… you don’t want to be scammed by your competition!

Slingshot Crash

Explosive addictive fun – pull back and let it rip! Give it a play – Use a slingshot and your own inventiveness to cause as much damage as possible! Wreak havoc launching cars as far as you can for maximum damage! This is the most explosive, intense car crash game you’ve ever seen!

The more damage you cause by crashing into traffic, the more in-game money you get. Use it to upgrade traffic, explosions and money, earn more and destroy more! The explosive action fuels itself – the more you crash, the better your chances of crashing more!

Superhero Race

Over 9 Million downloads ios and Google Play. Clear designs and a simple mechanic have meant huge sustained downloads for Superhero Race. Why dont you give it a play – Join the most epic Superhero Race, where you choose your own superhero story and win against all the enemies on your path to saving the world! Choose the perfect heroes and face your biggest challenge! Unlock your next superhero and transform yourself!

Lift, burn, freeze opponents who try to get in your way. No one can stop you from obtaining justice. Your team of heroes are here to save the day! Top 10 Hyper Casual Game for July – According to RisingHigh Academy.

Raft Life

Over 1 Million Downloads and our first foray into Idle Arcade games. Huge playtimes and great retention has meant this is a fan’s favourite with an iOS rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Start marooned on a single piece of raft, harvest fish and build until you create an entire village on your raft. Top 10 Hyper Casual Game for August – According to RisingHigh Academy.

At playEmber we’re all about taking that initial ember of an idea and making it into a roaring hit of a game! With years of knowledge in the hyper casual and casual gaming space we’re in a perfect position to slingshot games to millions of players and keep them profitable.

With Ember Coin our Web3 arm to the business: Utilising our 100 Million Downloads to date and our mobile gaming expertise, we will add a Play & Earn element to our mobile games along with allowing external F2P game studios the tech to join the P&E EmberCoin ecosystem

We are aiming to onboard at least 1 million new crypto wallets within a year once our games are live on EmberCoin.

A fantastic mix of casual and hyper casual design and development from ADC Games combined with powerhouse of BoomBit has resulted in 25M downloads, 4 hit games (and more to come) in 8 months since the match was lit!

We’re a creative team that follows a data driven approach. This has meant we can continue to build hit games in a competitive market. If you want to join us – drop us a line below…

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