WEB2 WEB3 Monetisation Platform

PlayEmber’s web3 advertising and experience platform connects brands, creators and games studios with a highly engaged web3 consumer audience within mobile games.





1.5 Mill

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walltes so far

For everyone

A web3 ecosystem rewarding players, creators, brands and game studios

Start harnessing the power of web3 to improve user experience through rewards

For Brands

Get meaningful Web3 connections, where players start to see your brand as a tip top reward.

For Game Studios 

We want Game Studios to concentrate on 1 thing – making a great game – we’ll sort the rest

For Creators

Web3 is up and down, so is NFT liquidity. We are rethinking how creators can monetise & survive

People trust us
Millions of users around the world
Start harnessing the full potential of decentralized finance with the most advanced platform in the world.





Our team

Meet Some of our Superstars

Hugo Furneaux

Founder & CEO

Jon Hook

Founder & CMO

Wally Nguyễn

Interim CPO

Chris Gale

Web3 Advisor

Sofia Senatorova

Ecosystem Design

Jack Roper

Game Developer

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