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Unlocking Web3 for the Masses

The simplest on-ramp for Mobile Game Users and Mobile Game Studios. Supercharge any mobile Web2 game to Web3 within an hour!
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The power and sustainability of Web2 meets Web3.

GameFi 1.0 has been proven to be unsustainable – small user bases and decentralised distribution. GameFi 2.0 is here: The mix of ad revenue, huge user bases and centralised distribution through App Stores from Web2, plus additional income, interoperability and ownership from Web3. Our PlayEmber Unity SDK is super simple to implement into any existing mobile Web2 game.

Get rewarded with gift cards, vouchers, competitions and much more for playing the same games you’ve always loved. Increased reasons to stick around in game and be rewarded for active gameplay. The way it should be, and the best bits of Web3 – ownership of NFTs and interoperability across all games in our ecosystem – Earning and rewards as a by-product of Fun!

For Game Studios

Unlock new Web3 revenue – New ad placements and added incentive to play will increase LTVs of users. More revenue, more profits, more games.

Attract new players – a way of attracting new users and a new type of audience to play their games.

Focus on what they are best at – Game design studios are great at making games, this simple SDK lets them focus on just that. Lets Play!

Our Partners

We’re incredibly lucky to have so many amazing investors and partners already behind our project. These include MOVE Capital , Huobi Ventures , Shima Capital and lots of extra partners like BoomBit, Few and Far plus countless others.

At playEmber we’re all about taking that initial ember of an idea and making it into a roaring hit of a game! With years of knowledge in the hyper casual and casual gaming space we’re in a perfect position to slingshot games to millions of players and keep them profitable.

With Ember Coin our Web3 arm to the business: Utilising our 100 Million Downloads to date and our mobile gaming expertise, we will add a Play & Earn element to our mobile games along with allowing external F2P game studios the tech to join the P&E EmberCoin ecosystem

We are aiming to onboard at least 1 million new crypto wallets within a year once our games are live on EmberCoin.

A fantastic mix of casual and hyper casual design and development from ADC Games combined with powerhouse of BoomBit has resulted in 25M downloads, 4 hit games (and more to come) in 8 months since the match was lit!

We’re a creative team that follows a data driven approach. This has meant we can continue to build hit games in a competitive market. If you want to join us – drop us a line below…

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